The Great Fire

by Roland Schimmelpfennig, Translated by David Tushingham.
Necessary Angel Theatre Co., 2022.

Is anyone innocent? Is no one?

How did we get here? Is here where we are?

When does Need trump Love?


Necessary Angel presents The Great Fire by Roland Schimmelpfennig translated by David Tushingham, in its English language world premiere.

Produced as an immersive audio experience, this five-part drama is narrated by Dora Award-winner Maev Beaty with original sound design and mix by Dora Award-winner Debashis Sinha.

The Great Fire evokes a world both everyday and otherworldly. Within a familiar folk setting of competing rural villages, Schimmelpfennig conjures a magical yet modern world beset by prejudice, misunderstanding, plague and climate catastrophe. And as we so often find in times of trauma, there remains friendship, and wonder, and even love.

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Conceived & Directed by: Alan Dilworth
Featuring: Maev Beaty
Sound Design & Mix : Debashis Sinha
Dialogue Editor & Assistant Recording Engineer : Emma Pressello
Installation Design: Rick Banville & Alan Dilworth
Production Manager : Rick Banville
PR Consultant : Katie Saunoris
Graphic Design: Jacob Whibley