by Rosa Labordé.
Workman Arts Festival, 2022.

Does erasure of memory through a failure of mental health necessarily insist on forgiveness?

Does blood family automatically or inevitably trump chosen family?

How do the hurt child and the healed adult live in the same body?

Could Layne Coleman be any more wonderful?


Cast: Maev Beaty, Layne Coleman, Beau Dixon, Ingrid Rae Doucet, and Shannon Taylor
Company: Project Undertow
Playwright: Rosa Labordé
Director: Rosa Labordé
Set Designer: Anna Treusch
Costume Designer: Lindsay C. Walker
Lighting & Projection Designer: Trevor Schwellnus
Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne
Fight Director: Richard Lee
Stage Manager: Sandy Plunkett
Production Manager & Technical Director: Charissa Wilcox

“Laborde’s True is a sharp, tight play about the subjectivity of memory...Inspired not only by King Lear but Ikebana flower arranging, piano prodigies and quantum multiverse theory, True is a clever play about ideas and a playfully human drama.”

The Globe & Mail