By William Shakespeare.
Stratford Festival, 2014.

What morality lies on the other side of nihilism?

How does trauma live in the body?

Cast: Karl Ang, Maev Beaty, Michael Blake, Evan Buliung, Sara Farb, Colm Feore, Xuan Fraser, Jonathan Goad, Brad Hodder, Robert King, Josue Laboucane, Gordon S. Miller, Derek Moran, Thomas Olajide, Stephen Ouimette, Liisa Repo-Martell, Mike Shara, Michael Spencer-Davis, Scott Wentworth
Company: Stratford Festival
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Antoni Cimolino

“Beaty's Goneril commands the stage with her voice and presence from the opening scene.”

NOW Magazine

“Maev Beaty's astonishing Goneril never completely loses our backing even as she and her sister Regan (a spoiled-seeming Liisa Repo-Martell) become increasingly monstrous.”

The Globe & Mail


Toronto Star