By Michael Healey

What made Stephen Harper TICK?

What is motivating the people in power that I usually dismiss or condemn?

Can I let this character dig her own ditch and come up with creative ways to climb out of it?

Can I glide and flirt with a female stereotype and then flip it and reverse it with a blink, a smile, a bark or a silence?

When is discomfort a door to something totally new?

Are we always meant to be comfortable?

Best Supporting Actress

Toronto Theatre Critics Award, 2013


Cast: Maev Beaty, Michael Healey, Jeff Lillico, Tom Barnett
Company: Michael Healey
Playwright: Michael Healey
Director: Miles Potter

“That brings us to Maev Beaty, whose Lyth is a delicious time-release capsule of a performance. She comes on all ditzy and sexy — Marilyn Monroe with a side order of poutine — but as the play continues, we come to realize that she uses men far more than they use her. It’s one more piece of superb work from an actress who is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable on our stages.”

Toronto Star