by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
Stratford Festival, 2017.

In a world with no morals, what is the nature of revenge?

If you turn a grudge into a pet and feed it, can you tame it?

In a selfish world, what is ultimately more hypocritical: gossip or good intention?

How high can this ostrich feather get?


Cast: Rod Beattie, Maev Beaty, Brent Carver, Sébastien Heins, Tom Rooney, Anusree Roy, Tyrone Savage, Shannon Taylor, Birgit Wilson, Geraint Wyn Davies, Joseph Ziegler
Company: Stratford Festival
Playwright: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Director: Antoni Cimolino
Design: Julie Fox
Lighting Design: Michael Walton
Sound Design: Thomas Ryder Payne


“It’s the best I’ve seen: precise, humane and very funny.”

National Post

“Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1777 comedy, The School for Scandal is the best thing I saw, including the three shows at the Shaw Festival on the same trip.”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Maev Beaty’s Sneerwell is particularly vile in the most comic way. Sneerwell vows to make all others unhappy, yet Beaty gives us a the sense that Sneerwell knows she has trapped herself in a mode of behaviour from which she cannot escape.”

Stage Door