By Hannah Moscovitch.
Stratford Festival & Tarragon Theatre, 2018.

Where is shame about female desire born? At what age? Through experience or imagination?

Why do we accept this narrative of shame?

When appetite and shame are equal mistresses, where do we find release?

How do women learn to love and lift each other up in a world that never shows them how?

How close can I bring myself to this, and encourage women to bring themselves close to it too?


Cast (Stratford Festival): Maev Beaty, Tim Campbell, David Patrick Flemming, Jessica Hill, Cyrus Lane, Krystin Pellerin, Emilio Vieira
Cast (Tarragon Theatre): Gabriella Albino, Maev Beaty, Rachel Cairns, Matthew Edison, Cyrus Lane, Jesse LaVercombe & Tony Ofori
Company: Stratford Festival / Tarragon Theatre
Playwright: Hannah Moscovitch
Director: Sarah Garton Stanley
set and costume designer: Michael Gianfrancesco
composer & sound designer: Alexander MacSween
lighting designer: Nick Andison
Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell
intimacy coach: Siobhan Richardson
assistant director: James Wallis
associate designer: Christine Urquhart
stage manager: Sandy Plunkett
apprentice stage manager: Katherine Belyea

“Honest emotion and raw carnality make Bunny a smash...A magnificently realized performance by Maev Beaty”

Toronto Star

“What a gorgeous backdrop to a timely, necessary play and one of the best performances of this or any season”, “It’s a fully inhabited, lived-in performance, full of authentic tics and bold physicality”

Now Magazine