By Sarah Ruhl.
Convergence Theatre, Outside the March, Sheep No Wool, 2013.

I’m 8 months pregnant, can I act in and produce a 3.5 hour promenade immersive epic theatre experience?

What is leadership and the nature of control and what is dictatorship and the nature of power?

What do Elizabeth I, Hitler and Ronald Reagan share and why were they so successful?

How do I offer them to the story and leave myself free of them?

Can I answer Sarah Ruhl’s poetic text’s ask for full commitment to image and purpose?

Can I slice 80 bagels for second intermission without cutting my finger? And steam 15 shirts without burning my hand?

Outstanding Ensemble

Dora Mavor Moore Awards, 2013


Company: Outside The March
Year: 2013
Directors: Alan Dilworth, Aaron Willis & Mitchell Cushman
Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
Production Design: Jung-Hye Kim
Costume Design: Michelle Bailey
Lighting Design: David DeGrow
Music & Sound Design: Samuel Sholdice
Production Management: David DeGrow
Stage Management: Marinda de Beer
Assistant Stage Management: Bryn McLeod
Producers: Maev Beaty, Katherine Cullen, Mitchell Cushman, Alan Dilworth, Amy Keating, Julie Tepperman, Aaron Willis
Associate Producers: Colin Doyle, Dan Daley, Byron Abalos
Poster Illustration and Design: Chloe Cushman
Starring: Cyrus Lane
as, Andrew Kushnir, Mayko Nguyen, Julie Tepperman, Richard Binsley, Katherine Cullen, Thrasso Petras, Jordan Pettle, Sam Kalilieh, Maev Beaty, Bilal Baig, Howard Davis, Kathryn Davis, Kasey Dunn, Aviva Philip-Muller, Cheyenne Scott, Harsharan Sidhu, Jesse Watts

“Passionate, profound, undeniable unique… a theatrical event you won’t want to miss.”

The Globe & Mail

“A deeply moving piece”

NOW Magazine