Maev Beaty: Toronto’s Top Theatre Artists of 2018

“While I kicked myself for not travelling to Prince Edward County to see Beaty and Liisa Repo-Martell in Daniel MacIvor’s A Beautiful View (hey, TIFF was on) and missing her play Joni Mitchell in Musical Stage Company’s three-day run of Uncovered, I did get to see her in a trio of unforgettable shows. Beaty’s imperious Russian princess added glamour and fire to Orlando (she got bonus marks for the year’s hottest onstage kiss with Sarah Afful), but it was her two collaborations with friend Hannah Moscovitch that made the year so memorable. Bunny and Secret Life Of A Mother dealt honestly and frankly with taboo topics concerning women, and Beaty fearlessly explored all the oh-so-human contradictions suggested in each work.”

-Glenn Sumi, NOW MAGAZINE, Dec. 17, 2018