by Maev Beaty and Erin Shields.
Theatre Passe Muraille, 2011.

Does the Muse contribute to the masterpiece?

Can nudity be a costume?

Can shame about nudity be de-stigmatized?

Why did so many art models kill themselves?

Outstanding New Play

Dora Mavor Moore Awards, 2011

Outstanding Perfromance

Dora Mavor Moore Awards, 2011

Cast: Maev Beaty & Erin Shields
Company: Groundwater Productions & Theatre Passe Muraille
Playwright: Maev Beaty and Erin Shields
Director: Andrea Donaldson
Designer: Jung-Hye Kim

“Beaty and Shields capture that Hedonistic world of sex, art, booze and the obsessive need to paint.”

CBC Radio

“NNNN, One of the festival’s most engaging shows.”

NOW Magazine

“Montparnasse's chief pleasure comes from the well-honed stage chemistry between Beaty and Shields, who created their characters and co-wrote the play with director Andrea Donaldson”

The Globe & Mail